Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling

by Scott Mehl

photo: Janerik Henriksson/Scanpix, source: Swedish Royal Court

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden married Daniel Westling on June 19, 2010 at the Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan) in Stockholm Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria’s Family


HRH Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée was born on July 14, 1977, at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Victoria is the eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia (neé Silvia Sommerlath). King Carl XVI Gustaf is the son of the late Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten and the late Princess Sybilla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The King’s father died in a plane crash when the young prince was just 6 months old. This made Carl Gustaf the heir-apparent to his grandfather, King Gustaf VI.

Queen Silvia was born Silvia Sommerlath, of German and Brazilian descent. She is also a descendant of King Afonso III of Portugal. She met the then Crown Prince while working at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. They married in 1976, marking the first time a Swedish sovereign had married a ‘commoner’.

Victoria was followed by two younger siblings, Prince Carl Philip (born 1979) and Princess Madeleine (born 1982). Although born as heiress-presumptive, Victoria was replaced briefly upon the birth of her younger brother. However, in 1980, a constitution reform was enacted changing the line of succession to follow equal primogeniture, making Victoria the Crown Princess and heiress-apparent to the throne of Sweden.

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Daniel Westling’s Family


Olof Daniel Westling was born on September 15, 1973 at Örebro University Hospital, in Örebro, Sweden. He is the only son of Olle Gunnar Westling and his wife, the former Ewa Kristina Westring, and has an older sister, Anna Westling Blom.

Daniel started his own business in 1997, consulting in the fitness industry, prior to opening his own gym a few years later. That business has grown to include several gyms in Sweden as well as some other business ventures. It was at his first gym, in 2001, when he met The Crown Princess while serving as her personal trainer.

An indication of the seriousness of their relationship was Daniel’s move to a rental apartment in Drottningholm Palace in mid-2008. Just over 6 months later, the engagement of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling was announced.

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The Engagement


Crown Princess Victoria first met Daniel Westling in 2001 when he became her personal trainer at the gym he owned in Stockholm. It was at a friend’s birthday part in 2002 where photographers caught a kiss between the two, fueling the interest in the Princess’ personal life. Despite some public opinion against Daniel as a potential spouse for the princess due to his ‘common’ background, Victoria made it clear that one’s background was not the deciding factor in marriage, but rather the happiness shared by the couple.

Speculation increased in July 2008 when Daniel moved to a rental apartment in a wing of Drottningholm Palace. Many believed this was to allow him to be ‘groomed’ for the role as consort to the Crown Princess.

The Engagement of Crown Princess Victoria to Mr. Daniel Westling was announced by the Royal Palace on February 24, 2009.  At the time, it was stated that the wedding would take place sometime in the Spring of 2010. It was later announced that the wedding will take place on June 19, 2010, the King and Queen’s 34th wedding anniversary, at Stockholm Cathedral.

Pre-Wedding Festivities


There were celebrations all over Sweden in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding, with ‘Love Stockholm 2010’ the theme for the festivities. In the final few days before the wedding, the ‘official’ celebrations began:

June 16th – A dinner, hosted by the County Governors on the East Indiaman “Götheborg”
June 17th – A private dinner hosted by the King and Queen at Drottningholm Palace
June 18th – A private luncheon hosted by the King and Queen at Sturehof Castle
– A reception at Stockholm City Hall, followed by a dinner at Eric Ericson Hall, both hosted by the Government
– A gala concert at the Stockholm Concert Hall, hosted by the Riksdag (Swedish parliament)

Wedding Guests


Guests at the wedding including members of many royal families, foreign heads-of-state, the Swedish government, Diplomatic Corps, and many others. Below is a list of the families, Heads-of-State and foreign Royal Families in attendance. For a complete list of all the guests, at the Swedish Royal Court’s website, click here.

HM The King
HM. The Queen
HRH The Crown Princess Victoria
Mr Daniel Westling
HRH Prince Carl Philip
HRH Princess Madeleine

HM The King’s Family
Princess Margaretha, Mrs Ambler
Baroness Sybilla von Dincklage
Baroness Madeleine von Dincklage (Bridesmaid)
Mr James Ambler and Mrs Ursula Ambler
Mr C. Edward Ambler and Mrs Helen Ambler
HRH Princess Birgitta and HSH Dr Johann Georg, Prince von Hohenzollern
HSH Prince Carl Christian von Hohenzollern and HSH Princess Nicole von Hohenzollern
Mrs Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach and Mr Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach
HSH Prince Hubertus von Hohenzollern and HSH Princess Ute Maria von Hohenzollern
Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld and Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld
Baron Carl Silfverschiöld and Baroness Maria Silfverschiöld
Baron Hans De Geer and Baroness Christina Louise De Geer
Baron Ian De Geer (Page Boy)
Civil economist Hélène Silfverschiöld
Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson and Consul General Tord Magnuson
Civil Economist Gustaf Magnuson
Industrial designer Oscar Magnuson and Miss Emma Ledent
Mr Victor Magnuson and Miss Frida Bergström
Countess Marianne Bernadotte af Wisborg
Count Michael Bernadotte af Wisborg and Countess Christine Bernadotte af Wisborg
Countess Kajsa Bernadotte af Wisborg
Count Carl Johan Bernadotte af Wisborg and Countess Gunnila Bernadotte af Wisborg
Countess Bettina Bernadotte af Wisborg and Philipp Haug, DI
Count Björn Bernadotte af Wisborg and Countess Sandra Bernadotte af Wisborg
Mrs Madeleine Kogevinas
Count Bertil Bernadotte af Wisborg and Countess Jill Bernadotte af Wisborg
Mrs Dagmar von Arbin

HM The Queen’s Family
Mr Ralf de Toledo Sommerlath and Mrs Charlotte de Toledo Sommerlath
Mrs Carmita Sommerlath Baudinet and Monsieur Pierre Baudinet
Mr Thibault Radigues de Chennevière
Miss Chloé Radigues de Chennevière
Mr Thomas de Toledo Sommerlath and Ms Bettina Aussems
Mr Tim de Toledo Sommerlath
Mr Philip de Toledo Sommerlath
Mrs Susanne de Toledo Sommerlath
Miss Giulia de Toledo Sommerlath (Bridesmaid)
Mr Walther L. Sommerlath and Mrs Ingrid Sommerlath
Mrs Sophie Pihut-Sommerlath
Mr Patrick Sommerlath and Mrs Maline Luengo
Master Leopold Lundén Sommerlath (Page Boy)
Mrs Camilla Lundén
Miss Helena Christina Sommerlath
Miss Vivien Nadine Sommerlath (Bridesmaid)
Mr Carlos Augusto de Toledo Ferreira and Senhora Anna Luiza de Toledo Ferreira
Exma Senhora Maria Virginia Braga Leardi and Exmo Senhor Eduardo Longo
Senhor Luiz Machado de Melo and Senhora Maria Fernanda Machado de Melo
Exma Senhora Vera Quagliato
Senhor Carlos M. Quagliato
Senhor Pedro Ferreira

Daniel Westling’s Family
Mr Olle Westling and Mrs Ewa Westling
Anna Westling Blom, BS in Soc, and Assistant Master Mikael Söderström
Miss Hedvig Blom (Bridesmaid)
Miss Vera Blom (Bridesmaid)
Mr Olle Henriksson and Mrs Anita Henriksson
Agriculturalist Tommy Henriksson
Mapping Technician Hans Henriksson
Mr Nils Westling and Mrs Ann-Catrin Westling
Mr Andreas Westling and Mrs Amanda Tegnér
Miss Frida Westling
Miss Sara Westling
Mr Hasse Åström and Mrs Anna-Britta Åström
Insurance Official Hans Åström and Entrepreneur Helena Olsson
Mr Anders Åström and Mrs Kety Lund
Nursery Teacher Anna-Karin Åström and Assistant Christer Wigren
Mr Erik Westling and Mrs Birgitta Westling
Mr Ove Westling and Mrs Yvonne Westling
Mr Bo Westling and Mrs Carina Westling
Mr Per Westling and Mrs Rose-Marie Westling

TM King Albert II and Queen Paola
TRH Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde
TRH Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz
TRH Prince Laurent and Princess Marie Claire

TM King Simeon and Queen Margarita
HRH Prince Kyril
HRH Princess Rosario

HM Queen Margrethe II and HRH Prince Henrik
TRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary
HRH Prince Christian (Page Boy)
Captain of HM The Queen’s Naval Household Lars Rosendahl Christothersen, Commander of Dannebrog

HE Republic of Finland’s President Mrs Tarja Halonen and Doctor Pentti Arajärvi, LL D

TM King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie
HRH Princess Alexia, Mrs Morales and Mr Carlos Morales Quintana
HRH Prince Nikolaos and Ms Tatiana Blatnik
HRH Prince Philipos

HE Iceland’s President Dr Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson and Mrs Dorrit Moussaieff

HIH Crown Prince Naruhito

TM King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein and Queen Rania al Abdullah
TRH Prince Ali bin Al Hussein and Princess Rym Ali
TRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal and Princess Sarvath El Hassan
HRH Prince Rashid bin El Hassan
HRH Princess Noor bint Asem
HRH Princess Iman

Former Yugoslavia
TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine

HSH Hereditary Prince Alois and HRH Hereditary Princess Sophie

TRH The Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa
HRH The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume
HRH Prince Félix

HSH Prince Albert II
Ms. Charlene Wittstock

The Netherlands
HM Queen Beatrix
TRH The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima
HRH Princess Catharina-Amalia (Bridesmaid)
TRH Prince Friso and Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau
TRH Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien

TM King Harald V and Queen Sonja
TRH Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit
HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra (Bridesmaid)
Princess Märtha Louise and Mr Ari Behn
Captain Frank Bondø, the Royal Ship Norge

TRH Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu

HM Queen Sofia
TRH Thee Prince and Princess of Asturias
HRH The Infanta Doña Elena
HRH The Infanta Doña Cristina and HE Don Iñaki Urdangarin

United Kingdom
TRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex
Commander Nick Cooke-Priest, Commander of HMS Kent

HRH Princess Benedikte and HH Prince Richard zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
HSH Hereditary Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Ms. Carina Axelsson
HSH Princess Alexandra zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Count Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth
HSH Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Mr Alexander Johannsmann
TRH Prince Manuel and Princess Anna of Bavaria
TH Hereditary Prince Hubertus and Hereditary Princess Kelly of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

The Wedding Attendants


HRH Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands (Victoria’s goddaughter)
HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (Victoria’s goddaughter)
Madeleine von Dincklage (a granddaughter of Victoria’s aunt Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler)
Vivienne Sommerlath (Victoria’s cousin)
Giulia Sommerlath (daughter of Victoria’s cousin)
Hedvig Blom (Daniel’s niece)
Vera Blom (Daniel’s niece)

Page Boys
HRH Prince Christian of Denmark (Victoria’s godson)
Ian De Geer (a grandson of Victoria’s aunt Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld)
Léopold Sommerlath (son of Victoria’s cousin)

The Wedding Attire


Princess Victoria chose a Swedish designer for her dress, Pär Engsheden. The dress was made of cream-colored duchess silk with short sleeves and a turned-out collar, with a train nearly 5 meters long.

Keeping with tradition, she wore the Cameo Tiara, believed to be a gift from Napoleon to his wife, the Empress Josephine. It was passed down to her granddaughter who married into the Swedish Royal Family in 1823. It was eventually passed on to the King’s mother, Princess Sybilla who left it to the King. The Queen wore it at her wedding in 1976, as did two of the King’s sisters.

Victoria wore her mother’s lace veil, worn at her own wedding in 1976. It had been passed down, eventually to the King’s mother who also wore it at her wedding in 1932. Three of the King’s sisters also wore the lace veil at their weddings.

The bridal bouquet was a mixture of traditional Swedish flowers with other, more exotic blooms, all in shades of white. Included were: lily of the valley, rose, phalaenopsis orchid, peony, clematis, cosmos, wax flower, sweet pea, dicentra formosa, Mårbacka pelargonium, Amazon lily, gardenia, azalea, bleeding heart and the traditional myrtle from Sofiero.

The bridesmaids wore full-length pearl white dresses of silk organza, with short sleeves and rolled collars. They carried bouquets of lilies of the valley.

The pageboys, in keeping with Bernadotte family tradition, wore sailor suits.

The Ceremony

With about 1,100 guests, the wedding ceremony took place on June 19, 2010 at 3:30pm in the Stockholm Cathedral. The ceremony was performed by the Archbishop of Uppsala, Anders Wejryd, with assistance from The Royal Court Chief Chaplain Lars-Göran Lönnermark, the Bishop of Lund, Dr. Antje Jackelén, and the Dean of the Cathedral, and Royal Court Chaplain, Åke Bonnier.

Music played whilst the guests assembled
Herald trumpeters from the Armed Forces Music Centre
played from the tower of Cathedral

Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir
-Conductor Bo Johansson
“Äppelbo March”
“Husby bridal march”
“In this sweet summertime”, by A. Öhrwall
“The flowers that bloom on the ground”, by E. von Koch

The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
-Conductor Gustaf Sjökvist
From Drottningholm Music, by J. H. Roman
Allegro — Allegro — Vivace

National Folk Musicians Hugo and Tomas Westling with accordionist Britt-Marie Jonsson
“Spring ice”, by Britt-Marie Jonsson, “Tribute”, by Hugo Westling (First performance)
Wedding March for Victoria and Daniel, by Hugo Westling (First performance)

The Ceremony
Crown Princess Victoria’s Fanfare
– by Ingvar Lidholm (1921-), originally performed at the Opening of Parliament 1995
Processional Music
– The Duke of Gloucester’s/Gloster’s March, by Jeremiah Clarke (1674-1707); arr Mattias Wager
– by Karin Rehnqvist (1957-) (First performance)
– A gift to the Bridal Couple from The Royal Academy of Music.
Psalm 57:8-11
Hymn 201
– by C.D. af Wirsén (1842-1912); music: W. Åhlén (1894-1982); translation: Carolyn and Kenneth Jennings
Act of Praise
Words of Introduction
Bible Readings
– Matthew 19:4-6
– Romans 12:9-10, 15
– First letter of John 4:7
– Galatians 6:2
– Ephesians 3:16-17
The Questions
Blessing of the Rings
The Exchange of Vows and Rings
The Announcement
In the presence of God and before this congregation
you have made your vows to one another.
I therefore proclaim that you are husband and wife.
May the Lord be with you and lead you
in his truth now and always.
“Resting Blissfully In Your Arms”
– Music Benny Andersson (1946-); text: Kristina Lugn (1948-) (First performance)
The Lord’s Prayer
The Blessing
Hymn 84b
– by E. A. Welch (1860-1932); adapted by A. Frostenson (1906-2006); music: M. Teschner (1584-1635)
The Address to the Bridal Couple by the Archbishop
“When You Tell the World You´re Mine”
– by Jörgen Elofsson (1962-); music: Jörgen Elofsson, John Lundvik (1983-) (First performance)
Bridal Recession to: Praise the Lord with Drums and Cymbals
– by Siegfried Karg-Elert (1877-1933); arr Thomas Brantigan

At the back of the cathedral, the King invested his new son-in-law – now HRH Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland – with the Order of the Seraphim before the couple emerged, under crossed swords, to the cheers of well-wishers. The couple rode through the streets of Stockholm in an open horse-drawn carriage to greet the millions of people who were lining the route to cheer their Crown Princess and her new Prince.

Following the carriage ride, the couple boarded the Royal Barge, Vasaorden, which carried them back to the Royal Palace, where they were greeted by a choral tribute by the Swedish Choral Society. Following the tribute, and the official photographs, the couple joined their guests for the Wedding Banquet.

The Wedding Banquet

Nearly 560 guests were invited to the Wedding Banquet, held in the Hall of State at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Guests were seated at a large T-shaped table, as well as smaller round tables scattered through the room and three adjoining halls. At the head of the table, the bridge and groom were seated with their parents, the Princess’ aunts Désirée and Margaretha, Count Carl Johan Bernadotte of Wisborg, the Queens of Denmark and the Netherlands, the Kings of Norway and Belgium, the President of Finland and Archbishop Anders Wejryd, who performed the marriage ceremony. The rest of the families and members of foreign royal families were seated at large table which extended the length of the room.

Speeches were given by The King, Olle Westling (the groom’s father) and the new Prince Daniel. They can be seen at the following YouTube links:

The Menu
Norway lobster from the west coast, served with summer truffles and truffle caviar, citrus marinated farmed cod on a bed of flowers with cucumber jelly and chilled green pea soup with Kalix whitefish roe

Landö char with herb coating, poached quail egg, green asparagus and beetroot from Gotland, served with a nettle and ramsons sauce

Sirloin of veal from Stenhammar with roasted shallot crisps, potato gratin with Allerum cheese, tomato terrine, carrots cooked with thyme in a white cabbage and tarragon gravy

Strawberry mousse with rhubarb centre and vanilla ice cream in white chocolate

Champagne Pommery 2000 Grand Cru
Sancerre Les Pierris 2008 Domaine Roger Champault
Pommard 1:er Cru Epenots 2002 Louis Jadot
Château Simon 2007 Sauternes

Following the dinner, the magnificent wedding cake was served. The 11-tiered four-leaf clover shaped cake featured almond meringue, chocolate crisp, champagne mousse with wild strawberry curd, and wild strawberry compote, all finished off with champagne mousse. The sides of the cake were decorated with handmade caramel roses and lilies, and four-leaf clovers. The top of the cake is decorated with triangular spirals in transparent gold and blue, made from spun sugar, and the couple’s monogram made of cast caramel.