Danish Royal Residences

by Scott Mehl

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace, with the Copenhagen Opera House in the background. photo: Wikipedia

Amalienborg Palace is comprised of 4 different palaces.

– Christian IX’s Palace is the official winter residence of The Queen and Prince Consort.
– Frederick VIII’s Palace is the official residence of The Crown Prince and Princess and their family.
– Christian VIII’s Palace houses the Amalienborg Museum, part of The Royal Danish Collection.
– Christian VII’s Palace is used as official guest accomodations, as well as for hosting receptions and official functions.

Wikipedia: Amalienborg Palace
Danish Monarchy: Amalienborg Palace

Fredensborg Palace
Island of Zealand

Fredensborg Palace. photo: Wikipedia

Fredensborg Palace is the spring and autumn residence of The Queen and Prince Consort. Within the grounds is Chancellory House, residence of the Crown Princely family.

Wikipedia: Fredensborg Palace
Danish Monarchy: Fredensborg Palace

Marselisborg Palace

Marselisborg Palace. photo: Wikipedia

Marselisborg Palace is the summer residence of The Queen and Prince Consort.

Wikipedia: Marselisborg Palace
Danish Monarchy: Marselisborg Palace

Gråsten Castle

Gråsten Palace. photo: The Danish Monarchy, photographer: Søren Gülck

Gråsten Castle is used as a second summer residence of the Royal Family.

Wikipedia: Gråsten Castle
Danish Monarchy: Gråsten Castle

Château de Cayx
Cahors, France

The Château de Cayx is used as a second summer residence of the Royal Family.

Wikipedia: Château de Cayx

Schackenborg Castle
Møgeltønder, South Jutland

Schackenborg Castle. photo: Wikipedia

Schackenborg Castle is the former residence of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and their family.

Wikipedia: Schackenborg Castle

Sorgenfri Palace

Sorgenfri Palace. photo: Wikipedia

Sorgenfri Palace is currently the residence of Count Christian and Countess Anne-Dorte of Rosenborg.

Wikipedia: Sorgenfri Palace
Danish Monarchy: Sorgenfri Palace

The Hermitage (Eremitage) Palace

The Hermitage Palace. photo: Wikipedia

The Hermitage Palace was never intended as a residence, but was built as a place for royal banquets during hunts in the surrounding park. It is now used occasionally by the Royal Family for this function.

Wikipedia: Eremitage Palace
Danish Monarchy: Hermitage Palace

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog

photo: Wikipedia

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog serves as both an official and private residence for The Queen and Prince Consort and other members of the Royal Family while on official visits and their summer cruises.

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