Royal Birthdays & Anniversaries: December 31 – January 6

Carlos Morales Quintana with his wife Princess Alexia of Greece; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

47th birthday of Carlos Morales Quintana, husband of Princess Alexia of Greece; born in Lanzarote, Spain on December 31, 1970
Wikipedia: Carlos Morales Quintana


Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Photo Credit –

97th birthday of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg; born at Berg Castle in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg on January 5, 1921
Full Name: Jean Benoit Guillaume Robert Antoine Louis Marie Adolphe Marc d’Aviano
Grand Duke Jean abdicated in 2000 in favor of his son Henri.
Unofficial Royalty: Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg


King Juan Carlos of Spain; Photo Credit – Casa de S.M. el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos

80th birthday of King Juan Carlos of Spain; born in Rome, Italy on January 5, 1938
King Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of his son Felipe in 2014.
Full Name: Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María
Unofficial Royalty: King Juan Carlos of Spain


Queen Margarita and her husband former Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria; Photo Credit –

83rd birthday of Tsaritsa Margarita of Bulgaria, wife of former Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria; born Margarita Gomez-Acebo y Cejuela in Madrid, Spain on January 6, 1935
Unofficial Royalty: Tsaritsa Margarita of Bulgaria