Bibliography of Royal Biographies: Queen Victoria and Family

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*Ask Sir James – Michaela Reid (about Sir James Reid, Queen Victoria’s personal physician)
*Childhood At Court, 1819-1914 – John Van der Kiste
*Grandmama of Europe: The Crowned Descendants of Queen Victoria – Theo Aronson
*Life at the Court of Queen Victoria – Barry St. John-Nevill
*Queen Victoria’s Descendants – Marlene A. Eilers
*Queen Victoria’s Family: A Century of Photographs – Charlotte Zeepvat
*Queen Victoria’s Gene: Hemophilia and the Royal Family – D.M. Potts
*Queen Victoria’s Jubilees: 1887 and 1897 – Caroline Chapman
*Serving Victoria: Life in the Royal Household – Kate Hubbard

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
*Dear Papa, Beloved Mama: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as Parents – Christina Croft
*Farewell to Splendor: The Passing of Queen Victoria – Jerrold Packard
*Her Little Majesty – Carolly Erickson
*Queen Victoria – Walter L. Arnstein
*Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire – Julia Baird
*Queen Victoria: A Life of Contradictions – Matthew Dennison
*Queen Victoria: A Personal History – Christopher Hibbert
*Queen Victoria’s Highland Journals – Queen Victoria, edited by David Duff
*Queen Victoria’s Secrets – Adrienne Munich
*Serving Victoria: Life in the Royal Household – Kate Hubbard
*Shooting Victoria – Paul Thomas Murphy
*Twilight of Splendor: The Court of Queen Victoria During Her Diamond Jubilee Year – Greg King
*Uncrowned King: The Life of Prince Albert -Stanley Weintraub
*Victoria: A Life – A. N. Wilson
*We Two: Victoria and Albert: Rulers, Partners and Rivals – Gillian Gill

Children and Spouses

*Queen Victoria’s Children – John Van der Kiste
*Victoria’s Daughters – Jerrold M. Packard

Victoria, Princess Royal, German Empress
*A Mere Passing Shadow: The Tragedy of Frederick III, German Emperor – John Van der Kiste
*An Uncommon Woman – Hannah Pakula
*Beloved and Darling Child – edited by Agatha Ramm (letters of Queen Victoria and her daughter Victoria)
*Dearest Vicky, Darling Fritz: The Tragic Love Story of Queen Victoria’s Eldest Daughter and the German Emperor – John Van der Kiste

King Edward VII of the United Kingdom
*Edward and Alexandra: Their Private and Public Lives – Richard Alexander Hough
*Edward VII: The Last Victorian King – Christopher Hibbert
*King Edward VII – Philip Magnus
*Queen Alexandra – Georgina Battiscombe
*The Heir Apparent: A Life of Edward VII, The Playboy Prince – Jane Ridley
*The Marlborough Set – Anita Leslie

Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse of Hesse and by Rhine
*Alice, The Enigma – A Biography of Queen Victoria’s Daughter – Christina Croft
*Alice: Biographical Sketch and Letters – Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine
*Princess Alice: Queen Victoria’s Forgotten Daughter – Gerard Noel

Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
*Dearest Affie: Alfred, Queen Victoria’s Second Son – John Van Der Kiste

Princess Helena, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
*Helena: A  Princess Reclaimed – S. Chomet
*Helena: Queen Victoria’s Third Daughter – John Van der Kiste and Bee Jordaan

Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
*Darling Loosy: Letters to Princess Louise (1856-1939) – Elizabeth Longford
*Princess Louise: Queen Victoria’s Unconventional Daughter – Jehanne Wake
*The Mystery of Princess Louise: Queen Victoria’s Rebellious Daughter – Lucinda Hawksley

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught
*Witness of a Century: Life and Times of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught (1850-1942) – Noble Frankland

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany
*Queen Victoria’s Youngest Son: The Untold Story of Prince Leopold – Charlotte Zeepvat

Princess Beatrice, Princess Henry of Battenberg
*The Last Princess: The Devoted Life of Queen Victoria’s Youngest Daughter – Matthew Dennison
*The Shy Princess – David Duff

Grandchildren and Spouses

*Born to Rule: Five Reigning Consorts, Granddaughters of Queen Victoria – Julia P. Gelardi
*Edward VII’s Children – John Van der Kiste
*King, Kaiser, Tsar – Catrine Clay
*Queen Victoria’s Granddaughters: 1860-1918 – Christina Croft
*Queen Victoria’s Grandsons: 1859-1918 – Christina Croft
*The Four Graces: Queen Victoria’s Hessian Granddaughters – Ilana D. Miller
*The Prussian Princesses: The Sisters of Kaiser Wilhelm II – John Van der Kiste
*The Royal Mob – Theresa Sherman

Wilhelm II, German Emperor, King of Prussia
*Kaiser Wilhelm II: Germany’s Last Emperor – John Van der Kiste
*The Last German Empress: A Life of Empress Augusta Victoria, Consort of Emperor Wilhelm II – John Van der Kiste
*Wilhelm II, Volume 1: Prince and Emperor 1859-1900 – Lamar Cecil
*Wilhelm II, Volume 2: Emperor and Exile, 1900-1941 – Lamar Cecil

Princess Charlotte of Prussia, Princess of Saxe-Meiningen
*Charlotte and Feodora: A Troubled Mother-Daughter Relationship in Imperial Prussia – John Van der Kiste

Prince Albert Victor of Wales (Eddy)
*Prince Eddy: The King Britain Never Had – Andrew Cook

King George V of the United Kingdom
*King George V – Kenneth Rose
*King George V: His Life and Reign – Harold Nicolson

Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, Marchioness of Milford Haven
Advice to My Grand-daughter: Letters from Queen Victoria to Princess Victoria of Hesse – compiled by Richard Hugo

Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia
*Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia – Hugo Mager
*The Life and Death of Ella, Grand Duchess of Russia: A Romanov Tragedy – Christopher Warwick

Princess Alix of Hesse of Hesse and by Rhine, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia
A Lifelong Passion – Sergei Mironenko and Andrei Maylunas
*Nicholas and Alexandra – Robert Massie
*The Last Empress: The Life and Times of Alexandra Feodorovna, Tsarina of Russia – Greg King

Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna of Russia
*A Fatal Passion – Michael John Sullivan
*Princess Victoria Melita: Grand Duchess Cyril of Russia 1876-1936 – John Van der Kiste

Princess Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Romania
*The Last Romantic: A Biography of Queen Marie of Romania – Hannah Pakula
*The Story of My Life – Queen Marie of Romania

Princess Marie Louise (of Schleswig-Holstein)
*My Memories of Six Reigns – Princess Marie Louise

Princess Alice of Albany, Countess of Athlone
*For My Grandchildren: Some Reminiscences of Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone  – Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone
*Princess Alice: Countess of Athlone – Theo Aronson