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Scottish Index

Earlier Kings and Queens

House of Bruce

Robert I, King of Scots (Robert the Bruce)
1) Isabella of Mar
2) Elizabeth de Brugh

David II, King of Scots
1) Joan of the Tower
2) Margaret Drummond

House of Stewart/Stuart

Robert II, King of Scots
1) Elizabeth Mure
2) Euphemia de Ross

Robert III, King of Scots
Anabella Drummond

James I, King of Scots
Joan Beaufort

James II, King of Scots
Mary of Guelders

James III, King of Scots
Margaret of Denmark

James IV, King of Scots
Margaret Tudor

James V, King of Scots
1) Madeleine of Valois
2) Marie of Guise

Mary I, Queen of Scots
1) François II, King of France
2) Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
3) James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell

James VI, King of Scots (later also James I, King of England)
Anne of Denmark

Charles I, King of Scots (also Charles I, King of England)
Henrietta Maria of France

Charles II, King of Scots (also Charles II, King of England)
Catherine of Braganza

James VII, King of Scots (also James II, King of England)
1) Anne Hyde
2) Maria Beatrice of Modena

William II, King of Scots (also William III, King of England)
Mary II, Queen of Scots (also Mary II, Queen of England)

Anne, Queen of Scots (also Anne, Queen of England)
George of Denmark

Note: In 1707, during the reign of Queen Anne, Scotland and England were united into a single kingdom called Great Britain.

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