Maria Anna of Bavaria, Queen of Saxony

source: Wikipedia

Maria Anna of Bavaria, Queen of Saxony

Queen Maria Anna of Saxony was the second wife of King Friedrich August II of Saxony. She was born Princess Maria Anna Leopoldine Elisabeth Wilhelmine of Bavaria, in Munich on January 27, 1805, to King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and Princess Caroline of Baden. She had eleven siblings, including five from her father’s first marriage:

Friedrich August of Saxony. source: Wikipedia

On April 24, 1833 in Dresden, Maria Anna married Crown Prince Friedrich August of Saxony. He was the son of Prince Maximilian of Saxony and Princess Caroline of Parma. They had no children.

Three years later, on June 6, 1836, she became Queen of Saxony upon her husband’s accession to the throne. Shortly after becoming Queen, she founded a women’s association to help combat the famines which were plaguing parts of Saxony. This association continued to exist until the early 1930s.

photo: Von Haeferl – Eigenes Werk, CC-BY-SA 4.0,

On August 9, 1854, King Friedrich August II was killed in an accident while traveling in the Tyrol. Queen Maria Anna had a chapel built on the site, which was dedicated a year later.

The Dowager Queen Maria Anna died on September 13, 1877 in Wachwitz, Dresden. She is buried in the Wettin Crypt at the Dresden Cathedral, formerly known as the Katholische Hofkirche (Catholic Church of the Royal Court of Saxony).

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