Leopold, Grand Duke of Baden

by Scott Mehl

source: Wikipedia

Grand Duke Leopold was born on August 29, 1790 in Karlsruhe, the eldest son of Karl Friedrich, Margrave (later Grand Duke) of Baden and his second wife, Luise Karoline, Baroness Geyer von Geyersberg. He had four siblings:

  • Prince Wilhelm (1792) – married Alexandrine of Württemberg, had issue
  • Prince Friedrich Alexander (1793) – died in infancy
  • Princess Amalie (1795) – married Karl Egon II, Prince of Fürstenberg, had issue
  • Prince Maximilian (1796) – unmarried

He also had four half-siblings from his father’s first marriage to Karoline Luise of Hesse-Darmstadt:

As his parents’ marriage was morganatic, Leopold and his siblings were not titled as Prince/Princess of Baden, nor were they initially in the line of succession. They were styled as Baron/Baroness of Hochberg, and later as Count/Countess of Hochberg. Leopold’s father had always intended that his younger children would be eligible for succession if there were no heirs left from his elder sons. But it wasn’t until 1817 that the Hochberg children were raised to Prince and Margrave of Baden and formally given succession rights by the government the following year.

Sofia of Sweden. source: Wikipedia

Leopold married Princess Sofia of Sweden – the granddaughter of his elder half-brother Karl Ludwig – on July 25, 1819. They had eight children:

He became Grand Duke on March 30, 1830, upon the death of his nephew, Ludwig I. Leopold became the first of the Hochberg line to rule in Baden, and held the throne for just over 22 years. Grand Duke Leopold died in Karlsruhe on April 24, 1852. He was buried in the Karlsruhe Stadtkirche, and after World War II, his remains were moved to the Grand Ducal Chapel in the Pheasant Garden in Karlsruhe.

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