February 12: Today in Royal History

Marie Louise of Orléans, Queen of Spain. source: Wikipedia

February 12, 1554 – Execution of Lady Jane Grey at the Tower of London; buried at St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London
Unofficial Royalty: Lady Jane Grey

February 12, 1627 – Death of Prince Karl I of Liechtenstein, buried at the Liechtenstein Crypt in Vranov nearby Brno, Czech Republic
Wikipedia: Prince Karl I of Liechtenstein

February 12, 1689 – Death of Marie Louise of Orléans, first wife of King Charles II of Spain, at the Royal Alcázar in Madrid, Spain; buried at the Monastery of San Lorenzo El Real in El Escorial, Spain
Wikipedia: Marie Louise of Orléans, Queen of Spain

February 12, 1768 – Birth of Franz I, the last Holy Roman Emperor, first Emperor of Austria, in Florence, Tuscany
Franz was the grandson of Empress Maria Theresa and the nephew of Marie Antoinette.
Unofficial Royalty: Emperor Franz I of Austria

February 12, 1771 – Death of King Adolf Fredrik of Sweden at Stockholm Palace in Stockholm, Sweden; buried at Riddarholmen Church in Stockholm, Sweden
Unofficial Royalty: King Adolf Fredrik of Sweden

February 12, 1912 – Abdication of the last emperor of China, Hsuan Tung (Pu Yi)
Wikipedia: Pu Yi

February 12, 1932 – Birth of Princess Astrid of Norway, daughter of King Olav V of Norway and sister of King Harald V of Norway, at Villa Solbakken in Oslo, Norway
Unofficial Royalty: Princess Astrid of Norway