The Laird o’Thistle

Margaret Elphinstone Rhodes, 1925-2016
A Windsor Centenary, Eighty Years, Seventy, and Sixty-five

Vivat Regina!

“Much Ado About Nothing?” – Pondering Richard III’s DNA

A British Abdication?
What’s in a Name?
What To Do With Richard III?

“Oh God, They’ve Sent the Hearses”
Ten Years Since
A Birthday, and Two Anniversaries
The Olympic Princess
Charles In Charge?

“The King’s Life is Moving Peacefully to its Close…”
Back to Kensington?
A Moment with the Queen
Royal Faith: A Reflection on the Confirmation of Catherine Middleton
Notes on the Royal Wedding
The Tangled History of Ireland and the British Crown
The Lord High Admiral
Nottingham Cottage
Counting the Days
The Royal Documentaries: From ROYAL FAMILY to MONARCHY
Same Date, Different King

The Jacobite Royal Lineage
The Olympics and Other Royal Tidbits
The Merry Wives (& Husbands) of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
George and Mary: A Centenary Appreciation
Of Posh PMs and Imminent Engagements
What To Do With my “Sarah’s Garden” Vase?
The Arcane Mysteries of Royal Finances
The Princess Royal at 60
The Mountbatten Matriarch: Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven
“It Has Taken Them a Very Long Time”
The Royal Christmas Broadcast

The Scot Who Served Hawaii’s Kings
The Crown and a Great Depression
Fred to Wed, and Other Young Royal Romances
Kirking the Windsors – Repost
Britian’s Royals and America’s Presidents
How Their Gardens Grow – Part I
Philip and Elizabeth’s Wartime Service… and Romance
How Their Gardens Grow – Part II
The Dilemma of the Duke of York
Queen Mother Redux
This Old Palace?
Oh Canada!
Will Shakespeare at Christmas Court

Tracing Kate’s Family Tree
The Spencer’s Royal Stuart Ancestors
A Royal Christening?
Family Milestones
Tempests in Royal Teapots
The Order of St. George and the Garter
Post-Modernism and the Second Elizabeth Era
“Who’s on First?” – Britian’s Order of Succession
A Dukedom for Harry?
Royal Saints of the British Crown
Prince of Creative Anachronism
Of Jesse’s Lineage Coming…

Edgar’s Heirs
The Next Coronation?
God Save Helen Mirren!
A Visit to the Old Dominion
Let’s Give Them Time and Space
Prince Harry Stays & The Queen Sits
“The Apple Cart”
The Windsor Dynasty Turns 90
Prince Philip’s Family
The Crown and the Countryside
Of Fires and Festivities
Elizabeth the White

The Reyes Feast of New Mexico
King William IV & All the King’s Kids
Once Upon a Time
Be it Long or Short…
The King’s “Companion”
Philip the Dane
Some Miscellanies and Errata
Former Wives Tales
The Return of the Empress
The Strathmore Cousins
Seventy Years After the Abdication
Some Timely and Seasonal Thoughts

Intergenerational Royals
The Ghost of Divorces Past
Unlocked Mysteries? Tidbits on Royal Genetics, and Secret Weddings
The Embodiment of Papacy
King Tut and the Dreamcoat Tribe
Stumbling into Routine?
Harry Potter, and the Treasures of Edinburgh Castle
Reciting the Lineage
The House and Family of Windsor
Britain’s Hanoverian Connection
Elizabeth II, Defending the Faith
The Cinderella Factor

The New Matriarch
Tartan Time
The Once and Future Windsors
Kirking the Windsors
Thirty-five Years After Caernarvon
When The Queen Bowed
No Two Children Have The Same Parents
Can the Monarchy Afford Britain?
The Queen and the Presidents
A Winter’s Grail Tale