Princess Muna al-Hussein of Jordan

by Scott Mehl

Antoinette Avril Gardiner, the daughter of Walter Gardiner and Doris Sutton, was born April 25, 1941 in Chelmondiston, Suffolk, England. Her father was in the British Army, and at one point was stationed in Jordan.

It was in Jordan, while Antoinette was working as a secretary on the production of the film Lawrence of Arabia that she met her future husband, King Hussein of Jordan.


The couple married on May 25, 1961 in Amman, Jordan. Having converted to Islam, she took on the name Muna-al Hussein. The following year, upon the birth of their first child, she was created HRH Princess Muna-al Hussein of Jordan. Unlike Hussein’s other wives, she was never created Queen of Jordan. The couple would have four children:

King Abdullah II (1962)
Prince Feisal (1963)
Princess Aisha (1968)
Princess Zein (1968)

In 1971, the couple divorced, and she retained her titles. In 1999, upon Hussein’s death, her son Abdullah became King of Jordan. Princess Muna has been very involved in the development of nursing in Jordan, and remains active in various organizations related to the field of nursing and healthcare in Jordan. Currently, she serves as President of the Jordanian Nursing Council.