Royal News: Tuesday 29 July 2014

Prince’s Palace: Trip by Prince Albert of Monaco to Bosnia-Herzegovina
Prince’s Palace: The 66th Monaco Red Cross Gala

Royal Family of Serbia: Karadjordje Museum in Radovanjski lug near Velika Plana opens

Daily Mail: New Spain king moves to clean up palace’s image
Expatica: Spanish royal yacht to be sold
Getty Images: Queen Letizia of Spain Attends Audiences at Zarzuela Palace

United Kingdom
BBC: Hockey players attempt selfie with Prince Harry
BBC: Glasgow 2014: William and Kate enjoy Commonwealth Games action
BBC: Glasgow 2014: Royals enjoy Commonwealth Games action
BBC: Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall visit Rutland
Daily Mail: Embarrassment for Queen as Buckingham Palace official awarded Member of the Royal Victorian Order on £100,000 bribes charge
Daily Mail: Queen forced to spend first week of her summer break at Scottish lodge because Balmoral is still open to tourists
Daily Mail: Royals Revel in Games Gold Rush
Daily Mail: And one… boxes? Kate and William meet Australia’s team mascot as the swim team arranges a Royal introduction for the Boxing Kangaroo poolside at the Games
Daily Mail: Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall visit Rutland
Daily Mail: As happy as Harry! Smiling prince meets blonde Australian women hockey players (and they seem pleased to meet him too!)
Daily Mail: Commonwealth Games: The Royals arrive to watch gymnastics
Daily Mail: It’s Camilla to the rescue! Duchess helps child with her stray hat (but Charles looks more interested in the beer)
Daily Mail: Kate’s got a fan! Wills steps in to help his over-heating wife as temperatures soar at Commonwealth Games swimming pool
Daily Mail: William and Kate Join Games Party
Daily Mail: Royal Party Soaks Up Games Action
Daily Mail: Prince Charles Tries Local Tipple
Daily Mail: Royal Couple Tour Housing Facility
Daily Mail: Thrifty Kate strikes again! Duchess of Cambridge gives her trusty Zara blazer yet another outing at Commonwealth Games
Evening Standard: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive for Glasgow Games
Express: Keeping you up? Prince Edward and daughter Louise look sleepy at Commonwealth Games
Express: Kate Middleton recycles laid-back look for Commonwealth Games: Grab her blazer for £29.99
Express: A pint for the Prince of Ales
Express: Don’t look now! Royals enjoy Commonwealth Games hockey thrills…but Kate winces at boxing
Getty Images: Charles & Camilla Visit Oakham
Getty Images: Royal Family & Celebrities At The 20th Commonwealth Games
Hello: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry arrive at Commonwealth Games
Hello: Duchess of Cambridge can’t hide her emotions on fifth day of Commonwealth Games
Sydney Morning Herald: The Queen and Camilla loosen up on the lippy at Commonwealth Games
Telegraph: Prince Harry was ‘admired’ as a soldier, commanding officer reveals
Telegraph: Royal Childhood, Buckingham Palace: ‘well-presented’

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Princess Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg


Photo Credit – Wikipedia

Countess Stéphanie Marie Claudine Christine de Lannoy was born February 18, 1984 in Ronse, East Flanders, Belgium. She is the youngest of eight children of Count Philippe de Lannoy and Alix della Faille de Leverghem (1941–2012). Both of Stéphanie’s parents come from noble Belgian families. She has seven siblings, who along with Stéphanie, all have the rank of Count and Countess in Belgium, as sons and daughters of a Count. The eight children grew up on the family estate, Anvaing Castle (Château d’Anvaing), in Anvaing, Hainaut, Belgium.


Anvaing Castle; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

Stéphanie received her primary education at Sancta Maria, a Dutch-speaking school in Ronse, Belgium. She started her secondary education at the Collège Sainte-Odile in northern France and completed her schooling at the Institut de la Vierge Fidèle in Brussels, Belgium where she obtained her school-leaving certificate in 2002. Stéphanie then spent a year in Moscow, Russia where she studied Russian language and literature and further developed her violin-playing skills. She received a degree in German philology at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Stéphanie continued her education in Berlin, Germany where she completed her masters degree by writing her thesis on the influence of German Romanticism on Russian Romanticism. She extended her stay in Berlin with a internship with the Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency under the sponsorship of the Belgian Embassy. When she returned to Belgium, she worked for an investment fund company. Stéphanie is fluent in French, German, and English and has a knowledge of Russian, Dutch, and Luxembourgish.

Stéphanie first met Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg when they were introduced by friends in Germany eight years before they married. They did not see each other until they met again about five years later and that was when they fell in love. Guillaume proposed to Stéphanie three weeks before their engagement was announced. Unfortunately, Stéphanie’s mother died from a stroke two months before the wedding.


Engagement announcement – Seated left to right: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, former Grand Duke Jean, Grand Duke Henri, Count Philippe de Lannoy and the late Countess Alix de Lannoy; Standing: the engaged couple; Photo Credit –

On April 26, 2012, the Luxembourg court announced the engagement of Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke to Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy. The couple were married in a civil ceremony at the City Hall in Luxembourg City, on October 19, 2012. Their religious wedding took place on October 20, 2012 at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg City.

Guillaume_civil wedding

The couple exiting Town Hall after the civil marriage; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

Guillaume_religious wedding

Photo Credit –

Read more about the Princely Family of Luxembourg here.

July 29: Today in Royal History

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley and Mary, Queen of Scots; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

July 29, 1030 – Death of King Olav II of Norway in battle at Stiklestad, Norway; thought to
be buried under Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway
King Olav II is the patron saint of Norway.
Wikipedia: Olav II of Norway

July 29, 1108 – Death of King Philip I of France in Melun, France; buried at the Fleury Abbey in Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, France
Wikipedia: Philip I of France

July 29, 1565 – Wedding of Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland
Mary and Darnley were both grandchildren of Margaret Tudor, daughter of King Henry VII of England
Wikipedia: Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
Wikipedia: Mary, Queen of Scots

July 29, 1588 – Defeat of the Spanish Armada in the Battle of Gravelines by the English Navy
Wikipedia: Spanish Armada

July 29, 1672 – Birth of Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond and 1st Duke of Lennox, 1er Duc d’ Aubigny, illegitimate son of King Charles II of England and Louise de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth
Wikipedia: Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond and Lennox

July 29, 1900 – Assassination of King Umberto I of Italy by anarchist Gaetano Bresci at Monza, Italy; buried in the Pantheon in Rome, Italy
Wikipedia: Umberto I of Italy

July 29, 1981 – Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England
Unofficial Royalty: Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
Wikipedia: Diana, Princess of Wales
Wikipedia: Charles, Prince of Wales

Royal News: Monday 28 July 2014

Petra: Queen Rania and UNRWA Commissioner Discuss Support for Gaza

Saudi Arabia
Arab News: King Abdullah meets with Palestinian president

Royal Family of Serbia: Crown Prince Alexander congratulates Eid al-Fitr to the Islamic community

United Kingdom
BBC: Queen’s trees book missing for 35 years put on display
Daily Mail: Three Royal cheers! Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is joined by Prince Edward and Lady Louise to celebrate England’s score against Malaysia during Commonwealth Games
Daily Record: Queen forced to spend summer elsewhere as tourists trump royalty at her Balmoral retreat
Express: Clegg in royal row after saying Prince Charles living a ‘nightmare’ waiting to be King

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Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

photo: Zimbio

photo: Zimbio

Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

Duchess Sophie Elizabeth Marie Gabrielle of Bavaria, Princess of Bavaria, was born on October 28, 1967 in Munich. She is the eldest of five daughters of Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria, and Countess Elizabeth Douglas. She was raised on the family’s estate, Wildbad Kreuth, about 65 kilometers south of Munich, where she began her primary schooling. She then attended the Girls’ Home Primary School of the English Lady in Heiligenstadt, followed by the Girls’ Secondary Boarding School Hohenburg in Lenggries. In 1984, she enrolled in the Adolf Weber High School in Munich, graduating in 1988.

Following several months in London where she attended the Inchbald School of Interior Design, Sophie began studying history and English language and literature at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in 1989.

photo: Corbis

photo: Corbis

On July 3, 1993, Sophie married Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein at the Vaduz Cathedral. He is the eldest son of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein and Countess Marie Aglaë Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau. They had met some seven years earlier at a party hosted by a mutual friend.  The couple have four children:

- Prince Joseph Wenzel (1995)
- Princess Marie-Caroline (1996)
- Prince Georg (1999)
- Prince Nikolaus (2000)

The family initially lived in London, but returned to Liechtenstein in 1996, where her husband began working for The Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation, which oversees and manages the various assets of the Princely Family.

The Hereditary Princess often accompanies her husband on foreign visits, as well as many events within Liechtenstein itself. She serves as patron for many organizations and events, often relating to children, education and the arts. It has also been announced that she will be taking over as President of the Liechtenstein Red Cross from her mother-in-law at the end of 2014.

In 2006, she founded the Sophie of Liechtenstein Foundation for Woman and Child. “The goal of the foundation is to given women, who unintentionally become pregnant, a more positive life perspective for themselves and their child.” (source: The Princely Family of Liechtenstein). The Foundation is funded by the Princely Family and by private donations, and the Hereditary Princess serves as President.

photo: Zimbio

photo: Zimbio

Read more about the Princely Family of Liechtenstein here!

July 28: Today in Royal History

King Frederik VIII of Denmark and Lovisa of Sweden; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

July 28, 1540 – Execution of Thomas Cromwell, chief minister to King Henry VIII of England, at Tower Hill in London, England
Wikipedia: Thomas Cromwell

July 28, 1540 – Wedding of King Henry VIII of England and Catherine Howard, his fifth wife, at Hampton Court Palace in Richmond, England
Catherine Howard was a first cousin of Anne Boleyn.
Wikipedia: Catherine Howard
Wikipedia: Henry VIII of England

July 28, 1683 – Wedding of Queen Anne of the United Kingdom and Prince George of Denmark, son of King Frederik III of Denmark, at the Chapel Royal, St. James Palace in London, England
Wikipedia: Prince George of Denmark
Wikipedia: Queen Anne of the United Kingdom

July 28, 1684 – Death of Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria FitzRoy, illegitimate daughter of King Charles II of England and Elizabeth Killigrew; buried at Westminster Abbey
Wikipedia: Charlotte FitzRoy

July 28, 1844 – Death of Joseph-Napoléon Bonaparte, King of Naples and Sicily, King of Spain and the Indies, Comte de Survilliers in Florence, Italy; buried at Les Invalides in Paris, France
Wikipedia: Joseph Bonaparte

July 28, 1869 – Wedding of King Frederik VIII of Denmark and Lovisa of Sweden at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden
Wikipedia: Frederik VIII of Denmark
Wikipedia: Lovisa of Sweden

July 28, 1996 – Birth of Samuel Chatto, son of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and grandson of Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom
Full name: Samuel David Benedict
Wikipedia: Samuel Chatto

Royal News: Sunday 27 July 2014

Daily Mail: Royal match: French prince marries German aristocrat in a traditional summer wedding
Getty Images: Wedding Of Prince Francois von Orleans And Theresa von Einsiedel

Daily Mail: Queen Letizia and King Felipe of Spain make royal pilgrimage to Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to pay tribute to 79 victims of train derailment one year on from tragedy

United Kingdom
BBC: Leicester’s Richard III visitor centre: Crowds at opening
Daily Mail: ‘Find a reason to go to war with Germany’: Shocking letter documents how King George V urged his foreign secretary to justify conflict two days before outbreak of First World War
Daily Mail: Diana’s Mini Metro brings the exceptional to the unexceptional: ‘Courting car’ of teenage Princess of Wales steals motor show
Daily Mail: Harry’s red-hot Mexican madhouse: A hidden entrance, £5k tequila that arrives by toy train and VERY dirty dancing… no wonder the Prince is there three times a week!
Daily Mail: Grand job! Eugenie passes her NY test
Express: Time for a beer: Prince Harry jokes with Marines ahead of final stage of epic challenge
Getty Images: King George Day Meet At Ascot Races
Guardian: Look at the Queen pretending to be one of us. Don’t be fooled
Mirror: Hats off to Prince Harry as he celebrates with pint at summer’s poshest festival
Mirror: Prince George enjoys a birthday splash in the Buckingham Palace pool
Telegraph: Revealed: how King George V demanded Britain enter the First World War
Telegraph: Royal Childhood exhibition: from Princess Margaret’s rocking horse to Prince Charles’ caravan in pictures
Telegraph: Behind the scenes at the Royal Childhood exhibition

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Crown Princess Masako of Japan

photo: Zimbio

photo: Zimbio

Crown Princess Masako of Japan

Masako Owada was born in Tokyo on December 9, 1963, the eldest daughter of Hisashi Owada and Yumiko Egashira. Her father, Hisashi Owada, is a former Japanese diplomat, and served as Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations. He is now a member of the International Court of Justice, located in the Netherlands.

Due to her father’s diplomatic posts, Masako began her schooling first in Moscow, and then in New York City, before the family returned to Japan in 1971. She attended Futaba Gakuen, a private Roman Catholic girls’ school in Tokyo. In 1979, the family returned to the US, settling in Belmont, Massachusetts while her father was a visiting professor at Harvard University. She graduated from Belmont High School in 1981, and enrolled at Radcliffe College, part of Harvard University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in economics in 1985, after which she returned to Japan and attended the University of Tokyo, studying law for several months while preparing to sit for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs‘ entrance exam. After two years working for the Foreign Ministry, she enrolled at Balliol College, Oxford University, pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations.

photo: Imperial Household Agency

photo: Imperial Household Agency

In 1986, Masako met her future husband, Prince Naruhito of Japan, at a tea held in honor of Infanta Elena of Spain. Despite disapproval from the Imperial Household Agency (as Masako was a commoner), and Masako leaving Japan for several years to study abroad, the two continued their relationship. The Prince proposed several times, however Masako turned him down each time. Agreeing to marry the future Japanese Emperor would mean giving up her career in diplomacy and her independence, as well as having to conform to the strict guidelines of the Imperial Household. Finally, he convinced her that her diplomatic skills could be used in a different way – as his wife, and future Empress – and she accepted his third proposal in December 1992. Their engagement was announced in January 1993, and the formal engagement ceremony held that April. Finally, On June 9, 1993, Crown Prince Naruhito and Masako were married in a traditional ceremony at the Imperial Shinto Hall in Tokyo. Following the ceremony, and a change into more contemporary attire, the newly married couple processed through the streets of Tokyo. They reside at the Tōgū Palace, on the Akasana Estate, and they have one daughter:

- Aiko, Princess Toshi (2001)

In the early years of their marriage, the Crown Princess often accompanied her husband on foreign visits, as well as participating in most official functions at the Imperial Palace. However, by 2003, she was rarely seen in public at all. The following year, it was announced that she was suffering from Adjustment Disorder, although many speculate that she is dealing with clinical depression, brought on by the pressures and constraints placed upon her by the strict Imperial Household Agency. It would be many years before she would return, albeit just occasionally, to the public eye. Aside from a private visit to the Netherlands, at the personal invitation of Queen Beatrix, she has not made any foreign trips since 2002.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess at the Dutch investiture, 2013.  Photo: Zimbio

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess at the Dutch investiture, 2013. Photo: Zimbio

In a statement released for her 49th birthday in 2012, the Crown Princess thanked the Japanese people for their “warm continued support”, and that she continues to make progress with the help of her doctors and those around her. She also began to appear more often at official events at the Imperial Palace and around Japan, always at the side of her husband. Perhaps because of the kindness previously extended by the Dutch Queen, and the fact that her parents are based in The Hague, Crown Princess Masako accompanied her husband to the investiture of the new King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands in 2013.

Photo: Japan Times

Photo: Imperial Household

Read more about the Japanese Imperial Family here!



Royal Birthdays & Anniversaries: July 27 – August 2

Lady Sarah Chatto attends Goodwood Races

Samuel Chatto, left, with his brother Arthur; Photo Credit – Getty Images

18th birthday of Samuel Chatto, son of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and grandson of Princess Margaret; born in London, England on July 28, 1996
Full name: Samuel David Benedict
Wikipedia: Lady Sarah Chatto: Marriage and Issue


Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz, Photo Credit –

78th birthday of Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz, sister of King Juan Carlos of Spain; born in Cannes, France on July 30, 1936
Wikipedia: Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz


James Ogilvy and Julia Rawlinson, Photo Credit –

26th wedding anniversary of James Ogilvy, son of Princess Alexandra of Kent, and Julia Rawlinson; married at St. Mary the Virgin in Saffron Waldon, Essex, England on July 30, 1988
Wikipedia: James Ogilvy
Wikipedia: Julia Ogilvy


Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, Photo Credit –

3rd wedding anniversary of Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne, and Mike Tindall; married at the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 30, 2011
Wikipedia: Zara Phillips
Wikipedia: Mike Tindall


Marina Ogilvy, Photo Credit –

48th birthday of Marina Ogilvy, daughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent; born at Thatched House Lodge in Richmond upon Thames, London, England on July 31, 1966
Full name: Marina Victoria Alexandra
Wikipedia: Princess Alexandra: Marriage and Personal Life


Lady Davina Windsor and Gary Lewis, Photo Credit –

10th wedding anniversary of Lady Davina Windsor, daughter of the Duke of Gloucester, and Gary Lewis; married at Kensington Palace in London, England on July 31, 2004
Unofficial Royalty: Wedding of Lady Davina Windsor and Gary Lewis
Wikipedia: Lady Davina Lewis


Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg and her husband, Photo Credit – Lux-arazzi

89th birthday of Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg, daughter of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg; born at Berg Castle in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg on August 2, 1925
Wikipedia: Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg

July 27: Today in Royal History

Louise, Princess Royal and her husband Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

July 27, 1365 – Wedding of Isabella of England, daughter of King Edward III of England, and Enguerrand VII de Courcy, Earl of Bedford, at Windsor Castle
Wikipedia: Isabella of England
Wikipedia: Enguerrand VII de Courcy

July 27, 1626 – Death of Louis V, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt
Wikipedia: Louis V, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt

July 27, 1889 – Wedding of Princess Louise, daughter of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, and Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife, at the Private Chapel in Buckingham Palace
Wikipedia: Louise, Princess Royal
Wikipedia: Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife

July 27, 1980 – Death of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, last Shah of Iran, in Cairo, Egypt, buried at the Al Rifa’i Mosque in Cairo, Egypt
Wikipedia: Mohammed Reza Pahlavi