Royal News: Saturday 30 August 2014

St. Louis Review: Prince, princess are just ‘good people’

The Hindu: An uncommon prince

Fashion and Style: Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco To Present Prince Rainier III Award to Dick Van Dyke

Multiple Monarchies
Royalblog: Special bond between Dutch King and Queen and Japan’s Imperial Family
Royalblog: Royal celebration with Kings of Belgium & Netherlands and Grand-Duke of Luxembourg

Dutch Royal House: State visit to Republic of Korea and Japan
Royalblog: Dutch State Visits to Japan and Korea confirmed; Emperor and Emperor will host State Banquet

Saudi Arabia
Al Arabiya: Saudi king warns of terror threat to the world

Guardian: Swaziland king’s Facebook exposure of party lifestyle could lose him friends

Daily Mail: Swedish royal family announce they boycotted music award ceremony for Chuck Berry because of his convictions relating to sex with a 14-year-old
Getty Images: Crown Princess Victoria Of Sweden Attends Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Export Hermes Award
Hello: Princess Madeleine sparkles as Swedish royal family attend Stockholm’s prestigious music awards ceremony

United Kingdom
Chester Chronicle: Chester royal visit: Charles and Camilla to visit Lache
Daily Beast: The Perils of a Playboy Prince
Daily Mail: Slice of history! Piece of Princess Diana’s 33-year-old wedding cake goes for $1,375
Daily Mail: Now Kate’s mum cashes in on Harry’s paralympics
Daily Mail: Meet the man who really knows the Royal family
Daily Mail: Princess Diana had a ‘DIY security team’ which led to ‘tragic outcome’ on the night of her death, says French policeman who guarded her body
Daily Post: Prince Charles to visit Airbus in Broughton to mark 75th anniversary
Express: Nightclub reveller to Royal favourite: Prince Harry at 30
Express: Policeman who spoke to dying Princess Diana blasts ‘DIY’ security who failed to stop crash
Express: Zara Phillips to take to the court with cousin Prince Harry for the Invictus Games
Guardian: The Strangest Family: The Private Lives of George III, Queen Charlotte and the Hanoverians – review
Bedford Today: Duke of Gloucester presents new colours to Royal Anglian Regiment
New York Times: A Queen’s Forbidden Love
Scotsman: Mary, Queen of Scots signed manuscript up for sale
Telegraph: Prince Harry to play wheelchair basketball exhibition match

Prince Radu of Romania


Photo Credit – Wikipedia

Radu Duda is the husband of Princess Margareta of Romania, the eldest of the five daughters of former King Michael I of Romania who abdicated in 1947 when Romania ceased to be a monarchy. King Michael has named his eldest daughter as the heir to the throne with the title of Crown Princess of Romania with the caveat that if the monarchy is ever restored in Romania, the Salic Law forbidding female succession be abolished. King Michael has bestowed upon his eldest daughter’s husband the style and title His Royal Highness Prince of Romania. Radu was born on June 7, 1960 in Iaşi, Romania to Rene Duda and Gabriela Duda née Constandache. He graduated from the University of Drama and Film in Bucharest, Romania in 1984.

Radu worked with abandoned children in a orphanage using art therapy and it was there, in 1994, that he met Princess Margareta who was visiting the orphanage because the art therapy program was supported by the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation.  On September 21, 1996 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Radu married Princess Margareta. The couple do not have any children.

Crown Princess and Prince Radu of Romania wedding 1996 (5)

Photo Credit –

Prince Radu has helped organize and plan official tours undertaken by King Michael, played a role in integrating Romania into NATO, and is a special representative of the Romanian government for integration, co-operation and sustainable development. He has written several books on the culture and history of Romania. Radu lectures and speaks on Romania’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures, defense, security, geopolitics, diplomacy, culture, economics, and education. He is particularly interested in the issue of ethnic minorities, especially the Romani (or Romany) minority known to English-speaking people as “Gypsies” (or Gipsies)

Princess Margareta and Prince Radu live at the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest, Romania and undertake public engagements in Romania and in other countries that help contribute to the successful modernization of Romania, reconcile with the past, and link Romania to other countries.


Princess Margareta and Prince Radu; Photo Credit –

Visit the official website of the Romanian Royal Family here.  (Translated via Google Translator.)
Read more about your favorite royal families here.

August 30: Today in Royal History

Mathilde of Bavaria, wife of Louis III, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

August 30, 1483 – Death of King Louis XI of France at Plessis-lez-Tours, France; buried at Notre-Dame de Cléry Basilica in Orléans, France
Wikipedia: Louis XI of France

August 30, 1813 – Birth of Mathilde of Bavaria, wife of Louis III, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine, in Augsburg (Germany)
Wikipedia: Mathilde of Bavaria

August 30, 1831 – Death of Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, wife of Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in Paris, France; buried at the Ducal Family Mausoleum, Glockenburg Cemetery in Coburg (Germany)
Louise was the mother of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband. Six years after marrying Ernest, the marriage was dissolved. Louise died five years later of cancer.
Wikipedia: Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg

August 30, 1946 – Birth of Anne-Marie of Denmark, daughter of King Frederick IX of Denmark, wife of King Constantine II of Greece, at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark
Full name: Anne-Marie Dagmar Ingrid
Wikipedia: Anne-Marie of Denmark

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Royal News: Friday 29 August 2014

Royal Blog: Crypt open on anniversary of death Queen Astrid

Yahoo! News: ‘SwaziLeaks’ looks to shake up jet-setting monarchy

Getty: Princess Victoria Of Sweden Attends Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Export Hermes Award
The Local: Swedish royals boycott Chuck Berry’s ceremony

Daily Mail: Princess Diana had a ‘DIY security team’ which led to ‘tragic outcome’ on the night of her death, says French policeman who guarded her body
Daily Mail: Zara Phillips battles the elements as she competes in the prestigious World Equestrian Games, but still manages a smile for the crowds
Daily Mail: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Now Kate’s mum cashes in on Harry’s paralympics
Daily Mail: Meet the man who really knows the Royal family
Guardian: The Strangest Family: The Private Lives of George III, Queen Charlotte and the Hanoverians – review
Scotsman: Mary, Queen of Scots signed manuscript up for sale
Waikato Times: The Queen nearly missed out on hotel room
Vanity Fair: Report: Prince Harry Has a New Girlfriend, and He’s Already Taken Her to St. Tropez
Huffington Post: Prince Harry Is Officially Off The Market, But Here Are 9 Ways To Win Him Back
The Daily Courier: Lucky few get to see Prince Edward and wife Sophie
Telegraph: ‘Amateurish’ security led to death of Princess Diana, says French policeman who watched over her in final moments

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Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece

Photo Credit – Wikipedia

Marie-Chantal is the wife of Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, the eldest son of King Constantine II of Greece who was deposed in 1973. Marie-Chantal Claire Miller was born on September 17, 1968 in London, England. Her parents are Robert Miller, billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder of Duty Free Shops and María Clara Pesantes Becerra. Her father was born American, but is now a British citizen, and her mother was born in Educador. Marie-Chantal was an American citizen, but renounced her American citizenship in 2011.

Marie-Chantal has an older and a younger sister and the trio was often referred to as “The Miller Sisters” in the newspaper society pages.


Marie-Chantal on the left with her sisters; Photo Credit –

Marie-Chantal grew up in Hong Kong, the location of the corporate headquarters of her father’s business. In Hong King, she attended the Peak School, an English language international primary school.  When she was nine years old, Marie-Chantal went to the Institut Le Rosey, an exclusive boarding school in Rolle, Switzerland. In 1982, she began to attend Ecole Active Bilingue in Paris, France where she continued until her senior year. Marie-Chantal then attended The Masters School, a private, coeducational boarding school in Dobbs Ferry, New York. She began to attend New York University in New York City in 1993, but dropped out a year later when Crown Prince Pavlos proposed marriage.

Marie-Chantal and Pavlos met on a blind date arranged by a friend in 1992. The marriage proposal occurred on a ski lift in Gstaad, Switzerland over the Christmas holiday in 1994. Prior to the wedding, Marie-Chantal converted from Roman Catholicism to Greek Orthodoxy. The couple were married on July 1, 1995 at St. Sophia’s Cathedral in London, England. The wedding celebrations were extravagant and expensive. The wedding ceremony, receptions, and celebrations combined reportedly cost the Miller family 8 million dollars. The wedding dress alone reportedly cost $225,000. More royalty attended at than at the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer.


Photo Credit –

The couple have five children:

  • Princess Maria-Olympia (born 1996 in New York City)
  • Prince Constantine Alexios (born 1998 in New York City)
  • Prince Achileas-Andreas born (2000 in New York City)
  • Prince Odysseas-Kimon (born 2004 in London)
  • Prince Aristides-Stavros (born 2008 in Los Angeles)

Marie-Chantal with her family; Photo Credit –

Marie-Chantal and Pavlos have lived in New York City and London, where Pavlos has worked as an investment consultant. Marie-Chantal has her own business, Marie-Chantal, an international children’s wear brand.


March 6, 2014: Crown Princess Marie-Chantal on the right attending services commemorating the 50th anniversary of King Paul I of Greece’s death, with her husband Crown Prince Pavlos and his aunt Queen Sofia of Spain; Photo Credit

Visit the official website of the Greek Royal Family here.
Read more about your favorite royal families here.

August 29: Today in Royal History

Astrid of Sweden, wife of King Leopold III of Belgium; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

August 29, 1189 – Wedding of King John of England and Isabel of Gloucester, at Marlborough Castle in Wiltshire, England
This marriage was annulled in 1199.
Wikipedia: John of England
Wikipedia: Isabel of Gloucester

August 29, 1790 – Birth of Leopold I, Grand Duke of Baden, in Karlsruhe (Germany)
Wikipedia: Leopold I, Grand Duke of Baden

August 29, 1815 – Wedding of Prince Ernest, Duke of Cumberland, son of King George III of the United Kingdom, and Frederica of Mecklenberg-Strelitz, at Carlton House, London
Ernest became King of Hanover in 1837 when his niece Victoria acceded to the British throne because Hanover did not allow female succession.
Wikipedia: Ernest, Duke of Cumberland
Wikipedia: Frederica of Mecklenberg-Strelitz

August 29, 1935 – Death of Astrid of Sweden, wife of King Leopold III of Belgium, in a car accident near their villa at Küssnacht am Rigi in Schwyz, Switzerland; buried at the Church of Our Lady in Brussels, Laeken, Belgium
Tragically, Queen Astrid and her unborn child died in a car accident when the car, driven by her husband, plunged down a ravine. Astrid was the mother of the two Belgian kings, Baudouin and Albert II, and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg.
Wikipedia: Astrid of Sweden

August 29, 1966 – Death of Augusta Victoria of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, wife of King Manuel II of Portugal, in Münchhöf, Baden, Germany
Manuel II was deposed in 1910 and died in 1932. In 1939, Augusta Victoria married Swedish Count Robert Douglas.
Wikipedia: Augusta Victoria of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

August 29, 1968 – Wedding of King Harald V of Norway and Sonja Haraldsen at Olso Cathedral in Norway
Wikipedia: Sonja Haraldsen
Wikipedia: Harald V of Norway

Princess Estelle of Sweden starts preschool


Princess Estelle arriving at Äventyret Preschool with her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel; Photo Credit – Swedish Royal Court: Anders Wiklund/TT

Press release from the Swedish Royal Court:

“On Monday 25 August, Princess Estelle started preschool at Äventyret Preschool in Danderyd Municipality, Stockholm. Äventyret Preschool was founded in 1992 and uses the Ur & Skur outdoor teaching methods to teach children about nature and to convey a sense of the natural world.”

Royal News: Thursday 28 August 2014

The Local: Royals get a raise in new budget proposal

New York Post: Crown Prince Moulay of Morocco turn heads in Manhattan

Norway Today: Crown Princess opened Bjørnsonfestivalen

Star Tribune: Aug. 19, 1920: Baseball’s intricacies too much for Romanian prince

Saudi Arabia
Arab News: Prince Khaled honored with Makkah excellence award

Bernews: Serbia’s Royal Couple “In Love” With Bermuda
Global Newswire: Serbian Royal Couple Vacation in Bermuda

Gulf Times: Actress who claimed to be princess is exposed by royal

Getty Images: Princess Victoria of Sweden Attends Baltic Sea Seminar in Stockholm
Lucire: Crown Princess Victoria visits Team SCA, the all-women team in the Volvo Yacht Race

United Kingdom
CNBC: Royal tweets: Why this Duke took to Twitter
Daily Beast: A Royal Staycation for William and Kate
Daily Mail: Crunch time for Zara! Royal raises a smile as she prepares to battle it out for place in Rio Olympic team
Daily Mail: Now luckless Earl is hit by a £3million dry rot bill
Daily Mail: The paper that built the City: Contract signed by Henry VIII for £637 loan that helped found the London Stock Exchange goes on sale
Daily Mail: Breathe easy, Zara: Mike’s club clinch girl is hitched
E! Online: Prince Harry and New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Enjoy Romantic Vacation in St. Tropez
Glasgow Evening Times: Make your bid for the ‘royal throne’ as chair sat on by the Queen at the Games is up for auction
International Business Times: Ice Bucket Challenge: Royal Watchers Looking Forward To See Prince Harry Accept Viral ALS Challenge With Four Nominations Received
ITV: Prince Andrew: It would be illogical not to remain friends with Fergie
Marie Claire: Meet Prince Harry’s Lovely New Girlfriend
Mirror: Prince William and brother Prince Harry want Friends reunion
The Province: Earl and Countess of Wessex coming to British Columbia in September
Yahoo News: On This Day: Prince William of Gloucester dies at 30 after crashing his plane

Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia

photo: © Royal Family of Serbia

Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia

Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia is the son of King Peter II of Yugoslavia and Princess Alexandra of Greece, and is the current pretender to the former Serbian throne. He was born on July 17, 1945 in Suite 212 of Claridge’s Hotel in London where his parents were living in exile. Under the orders of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the British government ceded sovereignty of the suite to Yugoslavia for the day, so the new Crown Prince could be born on Yugoslav soil. He was baptised at Westminster Abbey, and his godparents were King George VI and then-Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom (now Queen Elizabeth II).

Just four months after his birth, Yugoslavia was declared a republic, his father deposed and the family stripped of their citizenship and properties. They settled various places, including France, Switzerland and eventually the United States. Alexander’s parents’ marriage was increasingly strained, with constant struggles to find sources of income, King Peter’s numerous affairs, as well as his mother’s fragile health. Because of this, Alexander was raised predominantly by his maternal grandmother, Aspasia Manos (widow of King Alexander of Greece).

He attended the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, Culver Military Academy in the United States, Gordonstoun in Scotland, and Millfield in England. He then attended the Mons Officer Cadet School in England, earning his commission in the British Army in 1966. He served in the 16th/5th The Queen’s Royal Lancers, with tours in West Germany, Italy, the Middle East and Northern Ireland before leaving the military in 1972 to pursue a career in International Business.

Prince Alexander, Prince Philip and Hereditary Prince Peter photo: © Royal Family of Serbia

Prince Alexander, Prince Philip and Hereditary Prince Peter.  photo: © Royal Family of Serbia

Crown Prince Alexander was married to Princess Maria da Gloria of Orléans Bragança from July 1, 1972 until they divorced on February 19, 1985. They have three sons:

The Crown Prince remarried to Katherine Clairy Batis in a civil ceremony held September 20, 1985, with a religious ceremony the following day at St Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in London. The new Crown Princess has two children from a previous marriage.

Alexander and his family visited Yugoslavia for the first time in 1991, and returned for several more visits in the next decade. Following the uprisings in 2000, they took up permanent residence in the country, still called Yugoslavia at the time. In February 2001, the government granted the family Yugoslavian citizenship (which had been stripped from them in 1947), and the following month returned use of many of the royal family’s former properties. Alexander and his family took up residence at the Royal Palace, part of the Royal Compound in the Dedinje area of Belgrade.

Although the country (known as Serbia since 2003) is still a republic, Crown Prince Alexander remains an advocate for the restoration of the monarchy. While keeping out of the political arena, the Crown Prince focuses his time and efforts on humanitarian issues and encouraging peace amongst the various political factions in the country. He travels extensively throughout the world, and is often in attendance at major royal functions in Europe. Through his descent from Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, King Christian IX of Denmark and Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, he is related to many of Europe’s other royal families.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, 2012. photo: Zimbio

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, 2012. photo: Zimbio

Read more about the Serbian Royal Family here!