Royal News: Monday, 30 November 2015


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Daily Mail: Crown Princess Claus! Mary gets into the festive spirit in a $1,000 red coat for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
Women’s Day: Princess Mary returns home for Christmas

Japan Times: Prince Akishino turns 50, expresses concern about health of Empress

Daily Mail: Prince Albert II of Monaco and wife Princess Charlene turn out to support World Climate March in Monaco with adorable baby twins
Getty Images: Prince Albert And Charlene Attend The Climate March In Monaco

BBC: Princess Charlotte: Kensington Palace releases new photos
Daily Mail: Palace releases photos of 6-month-old Princess Charlotte
Daily Mail: Does Kate’s blue-eyed girl remind you of anyone? Princess Charlotte looks just like her father in new photos taken by the Duchess of Cambridge
Daily Mail: Princess Charlotte pretty in pink as Kate and William release official photos
Daily Mail: Even princesses have to do their Christmas shopping! Beatrice hits the stores in London’s trendy Portobello Road weaving in and out of shops looking for presents
Daily Mail: Security breach at Buckingham Palace as fathers’ rights campaigners use a ladder to climb over the wall and onto the roof
Daily Mail: The aquamarine Queen: Elizabeth II is radiant in turquoise as she follows in the footsteps of her late father in Malta
Daily Mail: Ceiling threatens to fall in at Buckingham Palace: State dining room closed until next summer over safety fears just a month after the Queen took after dinner coffee with president of China
Daily Mail: Harry to honour legacy of Nelson Mandela on visit to South Africa
Daily Mail: Snapshots of a royal journey: Photographs show King George and Queen Mary’s Indian coronation 104 years ago (where 39 tigers, 18 rhinoceros and four bears were killed in just 10 days)
Express: Prince Harry to honour ‘great’ Nelson Mandela during four-day South Africa trip
Express: The Queen visits spot where her father honoured courage of Malta
Express: What a cutie: Princess Charlotte giggles with toys in NEW portrait – taken by Duchess Kate
Express: Friends with royalty: War veteran reveals Prince Harry has been in contact ‘daily’
Getty Images: The Prince Of Wales Arrives In Paris Ahead Of The COP21 Climate Change Conference
Getty Images: Princess Charlotte – Official Photographs Released
Guardian: Royal family releases two photographs of Princess Charlotte
Hello: Princess Charlotte is spitting image of mum Kate in newly released pictures
Hello: The Queen jokes that the Canadian Prime Minister makes her ‘feel old’
Telegraph: Princess Charlotte: Royal baby pictured at six months in new images taken by Kate Middleton
Telegraph: Buckingham Palace state dining room closed amid safety concerns over ceiling

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King Carl XV of Sweden

source: Wikipedia

King Karl XV of Sweden

King Karl XV of Sweden (and Karl IV of Norway) was the third monarch of the Bernadotte dynasty which has reigned in Sweden since 1818. He was born Prince Carl Ludwig Eugen of Sweden, Duke of Skåne, on May 3, 1826 at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, the eldest child of King Oscar I and Josephine of Leuchtenberg. He had four younger siblings:

Carl was educated privately, earning his baccalaureate in December 1843, and then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Christiania (Oslo) and the University of Uppsala. From a young age he was drawn to the arts. He served as an officer in the Swedish army, having been given his first officer’s commission in 1841 by his grandfather, King Carl XIV Johan. Following his father’s accession to the throne in 1844, and following a tradition dating back to the 1700s, Carl was appointed chancellor of the Universities of Uppland and Lund in 1844.

source: Wikipedia

On June 19, 1850, Carl married Princess Louise of the Netherlands at the Storkyrkan in Stockholm. She was the daughter of Prince Fredrik of the Netherlands (a son of King Willem I) and Princess Luise of Prussia (a daughter of King Friedrich Wilhelm III). The marriage had been arranged by Carl’s father who wanted to establish familial relationships between the relatively new Bernadotte dynasty and some of the much older ruling dynasties in Europe. They had two children:

The marriage was never particularly happy. While Louise was smitten with her husband, he was rather indifferent to her and took many mistresses and fathered several illegitimate children. After the death of their son in 1854, and discovering that she could no longer bear children, Louise offered Carl a divorce but he refused.

In February 1856, Carl was appointed Viceroy of Norway and spent a year and a half in his father’s “other land”. While in Norway, Carl indulged his interest in drawing and painting, along with his desire to be involved in politics. He developed a strong friendship with King Frederik VII of Denmark, which led to improved relations between the Scandinavian countries. In September 1857, Carl returned to Sweden where he served as Regent for his ailing father for nearly two years.

source: Wikipedia

Upon his father’s death on July 8, 1859, Carl ascended to the thrones of Sweden – as King Karl XV – and Norway – as King Karl IV. He was crowned in Sweden on May 3, 1860 and in Norway on August 5, 1860. Despite his abrupt manner, he is noted as one of the most successful sovereigns in Sweden. During his reign, he oversaw the enactment of communal law, ecclesiastical law and criminal law, and in 1858, passed the law of legal majority for unmarried women. He is also noted for helping Louis de Geer in reforming the Swedish Parliament in 1866.

Tombs of King Carl XV and Queen Louise. photo © Susan Flantzer

King Karl XV died on September 18, 1872 in Malmö, Sweden. He is buried in the Riddarholm Church in Stockholm. As he had no surviving son, the Swedish and Norwegian thrones passed to his younger brother, King Oscar II. However, through his daughter, King Karl XV’s descendants occupy the thrones of Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Norway,along with the former throne of Greece.

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November 30: Today in Royal History

King Christian VI of Denmark, Photo Credit – Wikipedia

November 30, 1016 – Death of King Edmund II (Ironside) of England; buried at Glastonbury Abbey in Glastonbury, Somerset, England
Wikipedia: Edmund II of England

November 30, 1597 – Wedding of King Christian IV of Denmark and Anne-Catherine of Brandenberg
Wikipedia: Christian IV of Denmark
Wikipedia: Anne-Catherine of Brandenberg

November 30, 1699 – Birth of King Christian VI of Denmark at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark
Wikipedia: Christian IV of Denmark

November 30, 1718 – Death of King Charles XII of Sweden at Fredrikshald, Norway; buried at Riddarholmen Church in Stockholm, Sweden
Wikipedia: Charles XII of Sweden

November 30, 1719 – Birth of Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales, mother of King George III of Great Britain, in Gotha, Germany
Unofficial Royalty: Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales

November 30, 1965 – Birth of Prince Akishino of Japan, son of Emperor Akihito of Japan, at the Aoyama Detached Palace in Tokyo
Unofficial Royalty: Prince Akishino

November 30. 2011 – Death of Leka, Crown Prince of Albania, pretender to the Albanian throne, at Mother Teresa Hospital in Tirana, Albania; buried at Sharra Cemetery in Tirana, Albania
Wikipedia: Leka, Crown Prince of Albania

Royal News: Sunday 29 November 2015

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United Kingdom

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Royal Birthdays & Anniversaries: November 29 – December 5

Prince Akishino of Japan; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

50th birthday of Prince Akishino of Japan, son of Emperor Akihito of Japan; born at the Aoyama Detached Palace in Tokyo on November 30, 1965
Unofficial Royalty: Prince Akishino



Princess Aiko of Japan; Photo Credit –

14th birthday of of Japan, daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan; born at the Hospital of the Imperial Household in Tokyo, Japan on December 1, 2001
Unofficial Royalty: Princess Aiko of Japan


Prince Mikasa of Japan, Photo Credit – Wikipedia

100th birthday of Prince Mikasa of Japan; born at the Tokyo Imperial Palace on December 2, 1915
Prince Mikasa is a brother of Emperor Hirohito and the uncle of Emperor Akihito, the current emperor.
Wikipedia: Prince Mikasa of Japan


Sverre of Norway

Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway; Photo Credit – (Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix)

10th birthday of Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway, son of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway; born at the Rikshospitalet University Hospital in Oslo, Norway on December 3, 2005
Unofficial Royalty: Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway



16th wedding anniversary of King Philippe of the Belgians and Mathilde d’Udekem d’ Acoz; married civilly at the Brussels City Hall and religiously at the Cathedral of Saint Michel and Saint Gudula in Brussels, Belgium on December 4, 1999
Unofficial Royalty: King Philippe of the Belgians
Unofficial Royalty: Mathilde d’Udekem d’ Acoz



88th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand in Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts on December 5, 1927
King since 1946, King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the world’s longest reigning monarch.
Unofficial Royalty: King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand

November 29: Today in Royal History

Wedding of Prince George, Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece; Photo Credit –

November 29, 1314 – Death of King Philip IV of France at Fontainebleau, France; buried at St. Denis Basilica near Paris, France
Wikipedia; Philip IV of France

November 29, 1338 – Birth of Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence, son of King Edward III of England, at Antwerp, Brabant (Belgium)
Wikipedia: Lionel of Antwerp

November 29, 1604 – Death of Hercule, Lord of Monaco
Wikipedia: Hercule, Lord of Monaco

November 29, 1780 – Death of Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, at Vienna, buried at the Imperial Crypt in Vienna, Austria
Unofficial Royalty:  Maria Theresa of Austria

November 29, 1934 – Wedding of Prince George, Duke of Kent, son of King George V of the United Kingdom, and Princess Marina of Greece at Westminster Abbey
Marina was the first cousin of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and had Romanov descent via her mother Grand Duchess Helen Vladimirovna, a first cousin of Tsar Nicholas II.  George died in an airplane crash during World War II.
Unofficial Royalty: Princess Marina of Greece
Unofficial Royalty: Prince George, Duke of Kent

Royal News: Saturday 28 November 2015





United Kingdom

November 28: Today in Royal History

Lilian Baels, Princess de Réthy, second wife of King Leopold III of the Belgians; Photo Credit – Wikipedia

November 28, 1170 – Death of Owain Gwynedd, Prince of Gwynedd, probably in Gwynedd, Wales; buried at Bangor Cathedral (Wales)
Wikipedia: Owain Gwynedd

November 28, 1290 – Death of Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward I of England, at Harby, Nottinghamshire, England; buried at Westminster Abbey
Unofficial Royalty: Eleanor of Castile

November 28, 1489 – Birth of Margaret Tudor, daughter of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, at the Palace of Westminster in London
Wikipedia: Margaret Tudor

November 28, 1700 – Birth of Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, wife of King Christian VI of Denmark and Norway, at Castle Schonberg in Germany
Wikipedia: Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach

November 28, 1706 – Wedding of Sophia Dorothea of Hanover, daughter of King George I of Great Britain, and King Frederick William I of Prussia in Berlin, Prussia
Wikipedia: Frederick William I of Prussia
Unofficial Royalty: Sophia Dorothea of Hanover

November 28, 1811 – Birth of King Maximilian II of Bavaria in Munich, Bavaria (Germany)
Wikipedia: Maximilian II of Bavaria

November 28, 1857 – Birth of King Alfonso XII of Spain in Madrid, Spain
Unofficial Royalty: Alfonso XII of Spain

November 28, 1916 – Birth of Mary Lilian Baels, second wife of King Leopold III of the Belgians, in London, United Kingdom
Full name: Mary Lilian Henriette Lucie Josephine Ghislaine
Unofficial Royalty: Princess Lilian, Princess de Réthy

November 28, 1935 – Birth of Prince Hitachi of Japan, son of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, at the Tokyo Imperial Palace
Wikipedia: Prince Hitachi

November 28, 1952 – Death of Elena of Montenegro, wife of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, at Montpellier, France; buried at Saint-Lazare Cemetery in Montpellier, France
Wikipedia: Elena of Montenegro

November 28, 1962 – Death of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands at Het Loo near Apeldoorn, The Netherlands; buried at Nieuwe Kerk, in Delft, The Netherlands
Unofficial Royalty: Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

November 28, 1982 – Death of Helen of Greece, wife of King Carol II of Romania, at Lausanne, Switzerland; buried at the Greek Orthodox Church in Lausanne, Switzerland
Wikipedia: Helen of Greece

Royal News: Friday 27 November 2015

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United Kingdom

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Désirée Clary, Queen of Sweden

source: Wikipedia

Queen Desideria of Sweden

Queen Desideria of Sweden and Norway was the wife of King Carl XIV Johan (born Jean Baptiste Bernadotte). She was born Bernardine Eugénie Désirée Clary, on November 8, 1777 in Marseille, France, one of nine children of François Clary and Françoise Rose Somis. Her siblings included a sister Julie, who later married Joseph Bonaparte (brother of Napoleon), and became Queen of Naples and Spain.

Désirée was educated at a convent in her early years, before returning home to her family during the French Revolution. Several years later, she met Joseph Bonaparte, the elder brother of Napoleon, and the two became engaged. Soon after, Napoleon suggested that Joseph should instead marry Désirée’s sister, Julie, and that he himself would marry Désirée. They became engaged in April 1795, but Napoleon soon became involved with Joséphine de Beauharnais and the engagement ended in September 1795. She spent the next several years living with her sister and brother-in-law in Genoa and then in Rome. While in Rome in 1797, she became engaged to a French general, Mathurin-Léonard Duphot, allegedly arranged by Napoleon. They were to marry on December 31, 1797, but Duphot was shot and killed in a riot the previous day.

Returning to Paris, she soon met Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, a noted French general and future King of Sweden. The couple married on August 17, 1798, and had one son, the future King Oscar I of Sweden and Norway, born in 1799. In 1804, Bernadotte was made Marshal of France, and Désirée was given an allowance by Napoleon, as well as a house on the Rue d’Anjou Saint-Honoré. Désirée maintained this house for the rest of her life, living there whenever she was in Paris. With her husband often gone, Désirée installed herself in the ranks of Parisian high society, spending her time with both the Bonaparte and Clary families. She would occasionally travel to see her husband, but quickly returned to Paris which was the only place she felt at home.

portrait by François Gérard, c.1810. source: Wikipedia

In August 1810, Désirée’s husband was elected Crown Prince of Sweden. Not wanting to leave Paris, Désirée did not initially accompany her husband to Sweden. She finally made the trip in December of that year, and was immediately unhappy. She found the Swedish weather to be very harsh, and could not adapt to the formality and responsibilities of her new role as Crown Princess. Added to that was a very difficult relationship with Queen Hedwig who complained – perhaps rightfully so – about Désirée’s constant complaints about everything that wasn’t French.

The following year, Désirée left Sweden and returned to Paris, living under the name Countess of Gotland. There, she was able to act as a go-between and mediator between her husband and Emperor Napoleon, and kept her husband fully advised of the political events in Europe. After Napoleon was overthrown, Désirée often spent time with the court of King Louis XVIII of France and used her influence to prevent her sister from being exiled from the country.

On February 5, 1818, King Carl XIII of Sweden died, and Désirée’s husband ascended the thrones of Sweden and Norway. However, Désirée – the new Queen of Sweden and Norway – remained living in Paris. It would be several years before she made her return to Sweden. In 1822, her son, now Crown Prince of Sweden, toured Europe to find a bride, and met with his mother twice. The following year, in June 1823, Désirée returned to Sweden, accompanying her future daughter-in-law, Princess Josephine of Leuchtenberg. Although she planned to make just a temporary visit, Désirée would instead remain in Sweden for the rest of her life.

Coronation of Queen Desideria in Sweden, August 1829, by Fredric Westin. source: Wikipedia

Her coronation had been delayed due to potential religious issues stemming from her remaining a Roman Catholic and not converting to Lutheranism like her husband and son. Finally on August 21, 1829, Queen Desideria (her official name although she never used it herself) was crowned Queen of Sweden. She was never crowned in Norway, however, due to her religion.

Queen Desideria attempted to fulfill her role as Queen Consort, holding parties and balls, but she soon grew tired of it and longed to return to Paris. Her lack of efforts to embrace her new homeland, as well as refusal to learn the languages of either Sweden or Norway, led to her never being fully accepted by the Swedish people. Her less-than-royal roots didn’t help either. She was better received in Norway, where she visited several times, and served as patron of the Eugenia Foundation from 1828 until 1847.

Following her husband’s death in 1844, she became Queen Dowager. Despite plans to return to her home in Paris, in 1853, her fear of sea travel kept her from making the trip. She spent her remaining years in Sweden, splitting her time between her apartments at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, Drottningholm Palace and Haga Palace.

source: Wikipedia

Queen Desideria died on December 17, 1860 at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Following her funeral, in January 1861, she was interred in the Bernadotte Chapel at the Riddarholm Church, just in front of the tomb of her husband.

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